============================================================================== ---------------------------------------- T H E D E F L E P P A R D F A Q ---------------------------------------- Version 2.9 -- August 2013 ---------------------------------------- ============================================================================== This is the Def Leppard FAQ, a document that contains frequently asked questions (and their answers) about the British band Def Leppard. It is written for two purposes: to give new fans as much important information as possible, and to avoid the fact that people will ask the same question over and over again (like questions III.4 and III.5). If you have a question about Def Leppard, *any* question, read this document first to see if the answer is in it. If it isn't, ask around on the various Def Leppard message boards, the newsgroup or on mailing lists, and there's a good chance someone will be able to give you the answer. As of now, the Def Leppard FAQ is now a dead document and will no longer be maintained. It has been updated one last time and placed on Senff.com for archival purposes only, but updated in August 2013 one last time just for the hell of it. Some sections contain heavily outdated information. This has been kept in this document for posterity reasons. In some cases, this is followed by a comment marked "*** 2013 UPDATE:" that gives additional, up-to-date information. ============================================================================== This FAQ is written by Mark Senff, and any comments, corrections, questions, additions, suggestions, etc. etc., regarding this document are very welcome at webmaster@defleppardnow. com (please use "Def Leppard FAQ" in the subject field). *** UPDATE: any mail sent to that email address will be ignored. ============================================================================== C O N T E N T S =============== * = updated since last version (2.81) PART I: THE BAND * I.1. Who formed the band and who are/were the members? ---------------- * I.2. Is there some more information about the (former) band members? I.3. In what other bands have they played before? I.4. In which band(s) has Pete Willis been in since he left Def Leppard? I.5. Where can I find Steve Clark's grave? I.6. Where did they get the name of the band? * I.7. Have band members ever done solo/side projects? * I.8. Who are "Ded Flatbird"? PART II: THE ALBUMS * II.1. What are the official album releases? ------------------- II.2. Is "First Strike" an official release? * II.3. How many Def Leppard albums have been sold? * II.4. I'm new to Def Leppard. Which album(s) do you recommend? II.5. Why are there two sleeves available for "Vault"? II.6. Are there different versions of the "High 'N' Dry" album? * II.7. Why wasn't "Slang" a success? II.8. Why do the Japanese releases of the albums have extra songs on it and which songs are we talking about here? * II.9. And what's with all those versions of "Yeah!"? * II.10. Why don't we get any singles in the US? II.11. Which albums are accompanied by an extra CD? II.12. Why don't they include lyric sheets with most of their albums? * II.13. Where can I get the rest of the lyrics? PART III: THE SONGS III.1. What does "Switch 625" mean? ------------------- III.2. What is "Swing 625"? III.3. What is the relevance of "Release Me" by Stumpus Maximus And The Good Ol' Boys? III.4. What does "Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen" (or whatever) from the intro to "Rock Of Ages" mean? III.5. Did I hear the "Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen"- part in another song? III.6. Do I really hear "Jesus of Nazareth, go to hell" at the end of "Love Bites"? III.7. What the hell do they say at the beginning of "Rocket"? III.8. Is there something recorded backwards during the bridge in "White Lightning"? III.9. What is that Spanish stuff in the middle of "Slang"? * III.10. Did the band release demo recordings or alternative versions of their songs? * III.11. Which songs appeared on soundtracks? * III.12. Which songs are only available on B-sides of singles? * III.13. Why was "All I Want Is Everything" the only single off "Slang" in the US? * III.14. Where can I get a complete discography? PART IV: OTHER MEDIA * IV.1. Are the members online? -------------------- IV.2. Is there an official WWW-site? * IV.3. Where are the unofficial sites? * IV.4. Is there a mailing list? * IV.5. Is there a newsletter? IV.6. Where's the usenet newsgroup? * IV.7. What do all these acronyms mean on the Internet? * IV.8. Where can I get the latest version of the FAQ? IV.9. What is the "Hysterical"-document and where can I get the latest version? IV.10. What is the "Ages Of Rock"-calendar and where can I get the latest version? IV.11. What is the "Misheard lyrics"-document and where can I get the latest version? IV.12. Is there an IRC-channel for Def Leppard fans? * IV.13. Which books about the band have been released? * IV.14. Which bootlegs are interesting? IV.15. Is there a Def Leppard CD-ROM? * IV.16. Is there other Def Leppard software available? * IV.17. Is there an official fan club? * IV.18. What about unofficial clubs? * IV.19. Why didn't Rock Squad / Info Active send me anything? * IV.20. How can I contact the band? PART V: OTHER THINGS V.1. Why do some Bryan Adams-albums sound like Def -------------------- Leppard? V.2. Who are Booker T. Boffin, The Leppardettes, The Bankrupt Brothers and The Sideways Mob? V.3. Who is this Malvin Mortimer person actually? * V.4. Which videos have the band officially released? * V.5. Where can I find bootlegs or old singles? * V.6. I live in (......). When will they play in my country / state / city again? V.7. Did Def Leppard ever do an MTV-Unplugged session? * V.8. Did Joe have a part in the movie 'When Saturday Comes'? V.9. Does the band use pre-recorded tapes on stage? V.10. What does "Bludgeon Riffola" mean? V.11. Who is the guy covered with shaving foam on the inner sleeve of the "High 'n' Dry"-LP? V.12. What's this "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly"-thing on the "Pyromania"-vinyl? * V.13. I have more questions, but they're not answered in this document! Now what? APPENDIX: DEF LEPPARD NOW ------------------------- ============================================================================== P A R T I : T H E B A N D =============================== I.1. WHO FORMED THE BAND AND WHO ARE/WERE THE MEMBERS? ------------------------------------------------------ In 1977, bass player Rick "Sav" Savage starts "Atomic Mass" with guitarist Pete Willis in Sheffield, UK. Pete meets Steve "Steamin'" Clark, who becomes the 2nd guitarist, and Joe Elliott, lead vocalist. Tony Kenning, drummer, completes the line-up. After renaming the band to Def Leppard, Tony gets fired, and for the recordings of the band's first EP ("The Def Leppard EP" / "Ride Into The Sun", 1979), Frank Noon from The Next Band is hired on a temporary basis. After placing an ad in a music magazine, 15-year old Rick Allen becomes the new (permanent) drummer. During the recordings of "Pyromania" (1983), the band's third official album, Pete Willis is fired due to the fact that he can't play his parts, due to heavy drinking. He is replaced by Londoner Phil Collen. During the recordings of "Adrenalize" (1992), the fifth official album, Steve Clark dies from an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs. After releasing "Adrenalize", Irishman Vivian Campbell joins the band. "Retro Active" (1993) is the first Def Leppard album he can be heard on. The current line-up is: Joe Elliott - lead vocals / guitar Rick "Sav" Savage - bass guitar / vocals Phil Collen - guitars / vocals Vivian Campbell - guitars / vocals Rick Allen - drums I.2. IS THERE SOME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE (FORMER) BAND MEMBERS? -------------------------------------------------------------------- JOSEPH THOMAS ELLIOTT: Born: August 1, 1959 in Sheffield, UK Lives in Dublin, Ireland Married to Kristine Has one son called Finlay RICHARD SAVAGE: Born: December 2 in Sheffield, UK Lives in Dublin, Ireland Married to Paige Has two sons called Tyler and Scott, and stepdaughter called Jordan PHILIP KENNETH COLLEN: Born: December 8, 1957 in London, UK Lives in California, USA Married to Helen Has one son called Rory James and two daughters called Samantha and Savannah VIVIAN CAMPBELL: Born August 25, 1962 in Belfast, Ireland Lives in California, USA Has two daughters called Lily and Una RICHARD JOHN CYRIL ALLEN: Born: November 1, 1963 in Sheffield, UK Lives in California, USA Has two daughters called Lauren and Josie STEPHEN MAYNARD CLARK: Born: April 23, 1960 in Sheffield, UK Died: January 8, 1991 in London, UK Never married PETE WILLIS: Born: February 16, 1960 in Sheffield, UK Other information unknown I.3. IN WHAT OTHER BANDS HAVE THEY PLAYED BEFORE? ------------------------------------------------- Before Phil joined Def Leppard, he played in a band from London called "Girl". Girl released two albums ("Sheer Greed" and "Wasted Youth") and the line-up at the time was Phil Lewis (lead vocals, later in LA Guns), Phil, Simon Laffy (bass), Gerry Laffy (guitar) and Brillo (drums). Before Vivian joined Def Leppard, he played in a number of bands. He formed his first own band, "Sweet Savage", with Raymond Hailer (bass,vocals), David Bates (drums), and Trevor Fleming (co-lead guitar) and made one 3-track album with them ("Killing Time"). When he was 18, Vivian joined Dio. Dio's line-up was Ronnie James Dio (lead vocals), Vivian, Jimmy Bain (bass), Claude Schnell (keyboards) and Vinnie Appice (drums). Dio albums that Vivian can be heard on are "Holy Diver", "The Last In Line" and "Sacred Heart". Another band Vivian formed was "Trinity", with Pat Waller on drums, Davy Watson on bass and Vivian on guitars. They supposedly didn't manage to get a record deal, although some sources say they recorded an album in May 1986. For their "1987"-tour, Vivian joined Whitesnake, next to David Coverdale (lead vocals), Adrian Vandenberg (guitars), Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Tommy Aldridge (drums). He toured for a short time and left the band before the recordings of the next Whitesnake album ("Slip Of The Tongue") started. With Rob Lamothe (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Nick Brophy (bass, vocals), Vivian formed "Riverdogs" and made one hell of an album ("Riverdogs") with them. For one self-titled album, Vivian joined "Shadow King" with Foreigner singer Lou Gramm, Bruce Turgon (bass) and Kevin Valentine (drums). I.4. IN WHICH BAND(S) HAS PETE WILLIS BEEN IN SINCE HE LEFT DEF LEPPARD? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ With Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), Janick Gers (Iron Maiden), Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Gary Moore) and Clive Burr (ex-Iron Maiden), Pete joined rock opera project called "Gogmagog". A demo called "I Will Be There" is made. In 1987, Pete formed "Roadhouse" together with Trevor Brewis (drums), Wayne Grant (bass), Richard Day (guitar) and Paul Jackson (vocals) to make one self-titled album with them. Roadhouse doesn't exist anymore. I.5. WHERE CAN I FIND STEVE'S GRAVE? ------------------------------------ If you want to visit Steve Clark's grave, you have to go to a place called Wisewood Cemetery. To get here, start in Hillsborough (UK) and get a cab to the cemetary. The grave is situated close to the entrance. As the road drops down from the entry gate, keep to the left as it splits into a "Y". Follow the edge of the path ank keep looking at the rows on the left. Steve's grave is easy to spot, just a couple of plots in from the edge and only a few rows down. The grave stone is a modest piece to grey/black granite with an engraved picture of Steve, standing, head slightly bowed, looking straight ahead, guitar slung way low -- his typical pose. I.6. WHERE DID THEY GET THE NAME OF THE BAND? --------------------------------------------- Being a schoolkid, Joe had a fantasy of having a rock band called "Deaf Leopard". He made posters, tickets, all kinds of stuff for this fictitious band all day long. When he joined Atomic Mass, he suggested this band name to Sav and Pete, who agreed. However, the UK was in its punk days. Lots of punk bands had animals in their names at that time, and while Deaf Leopard didn't want to attract punk fans (who would visit the band just because the word "Leopard" appeared in the name) and disappoint them, they changed it to "Def Leppard". The band claims that the resemblance with "Led Zeppelin" is a coincidence. I.7. HAVE BAND MEMBERS EVER DONE SOLO PROJECTS? ----------------------------------------------- Aside from guest appearances (the band members have collaborated with many artists), some members have done actual solo/side projects. Between the mid-to-late 90s, Joe and Phil were in "Cybernauts", along with Trevor Bolder on bass and Woody Woodmansey on drums. They mainly played David Bowie songs ("Spiders Of Mars"-era) and released one (live) album. Joe's most notable side project is a band called Down N' Outz, with members of UK band Quireboys. Down N' Outz mainly focuses on playing songs by (and related to) Joe's all-time favorite band Mott The Hoople. Joe is currently recording an album with Canadian singer Emm Gryner. Phil has been the lead singer/guitarist in power trio Man Raze since the mid 2000s. With bass player Simon Laffy and Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, they have released 2 albums so far. Vivian has done many side projects while in Def Leppard: Clock, Red Felt Pig, reuniting Riverdogs, a stint in Thin Lizzy, reforming the original Dio band, as well as releasing a full-on blues solo album in 2005. I.8. WHO ARE "DED FLATBIRD"? ----------------------------- When Def Leppard did their 13-show residency in Las Vegas in 2013, this was based on performing the whole "Hysteria" album in full, in sequence. Of course, playing just 12 songs would not be enough to fill a show so additional songs were performed before that while they band pretended to be a Def Leppard cover band called "Ded Flatbird". Pronounce it out loud and you'll hear why they picked that name. To round out the "mystery", the members took the following pseudonyms: - Booty Reuben (Joe) - Chingy Chapman (Phil) - Linkin Twain (Viv) - Fleetwood Beck (Sav) - Camp Out (Rick) ============================================================================== P A R T I I : T H E A L B U M S ===================================== II.1. WHAT ARE THE OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASES? ------------------------------------------- 1979: Ride Into The Sun (The Def Leppard EP) (Not available anymore) 1980: On Through The Night 1981: High 'N' Dry 1983: Pyromania 1987: Hysteria 1992: Adrenalize 1993: Retro Active 1995: Vault - Greatest Hits 1996: Slang 1999: Euphoria 2002: X 2005: Rock Of Ages - The Definitive Collection 2006: Yeah! 2008: Songs From the Sparkle Lounge 2011: Mirrorball - Live...and more II.2. IS "FIRST STRIKE" AN OFFICIAL RELEASE? -------------------------------------------- No. This album contains demo recordings of the band, made in 1978 and 1979. It was released in 1984 by former managers Pete Martin and Frank Stuart-Brown. The band wasn't happy with this release and the judge decided that the album should be taken off the shelves. Officially, it's illegal to sell this album in the shops now, but it is often available on eBay. The songs you will find on this album are the first demo recordings of "Heat Street" (never released officially), "Answer To The Master", "See The Lights" (never released officially), "When The Walls Came Tumbling Down", "Wasted", "Sorrow Is A Woman" and "Glad I'm Alive" (never released officially). II.3. HOW MANY DEF LEPPARD ALBUMS HAVE BEEN SOLD? ------------------------------------------- Worldwide sales: On Through The Night: 1 million High 'N' Dry: 1 million Pyromania: 10 million Hysteria: 16 million Adrenalize: 7 million Retro Active: 1.7 million Vault - Greatest Hits: 6 million Slang: 3 million Euphoria: 0.5 million in the USA (and counting) *** 2013 UPDATE: numbers above were sort of accurate in 2000. The exact and up-to-date sales numbers are not known. In this digital age, and with declining album sales in general, the number of album sales is getting more vague and less important. II.4. I'M NEW TO DEF LEPPARD. WHICH ALBUM(S) DO YOU RECOMMEND? -------------------------------------------------------------- Start with "Rock Of Ages - The Definitive Collection". Check which songs you like, and which albums they appear on. Go from there. II.5. WHY ARE THERE TWO SLEEVES AVAILABLE FOR "VAULT"? ------------------------------------------------------ In Europe (and some countries outside), a limited edition of "Vault" was available, including a 9-track live CD (recorded in Sheffield). The booklet of this CD shows a picture which seems to be a combination of an eye and a vault. The CD case also has a cardboard sleeve, which has the original sleeve, the grey door of a vault. II.6. ARE THERE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE "HIGH 'N' DRY" ALBUM? --------------------------------------------------------------- Yes. After the release of "Pyromania", "High 'N' Dry" was re-released with two extra songs: "Me and My Wine" and a remix of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak". However, in 1993 both songs were removed again from the US release. So at the moment, the "High 'N' Dry"-version with the two extra songs is available everywhere in the world, except in the US. By the way, the orginal version of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" was done with Pete Willis. The remix has Phil Collen playing on it and was done during the Pyromania recordings (as was "Me And My Wine") and extra keyboards were added. II.7. WHY WASN'T "SLANG" A SUCCESS? ----------------------------------- Probably because the band's record company, PolyGram, didn't promote it as much as they could. Only one single was released commercially in the US. Some US DJ's didn't even know about the existance of "Slang", while record companies normally send out posters, promo CD's and other things like that to all the radio stations. Why PolyGram didn't do much about it this time, after the big successes of "Pyromania", "Hysteria" and "Adrenalize", is a mystery -- but it probably had a lot to do with change of management within the company. It definitely wasn't the case that the album was bad, since lots of articles in magazines were positive about it. Most professional reviewers thought that "Slang" was a big step forward and that was very positive. Still, "Slang" sold three million copies worldwide. *** 2013 UPDATE: in hindsight, "Slang" did a lot better than some albums that came after it. Of course, the major changes in the music business (all too clear now) had, and have, a lot to do with it. II.8. WHY DO THE JAPANESE RELEASES OF THE ALBUMS HAVE EXTRA SONGS ON IT AND WHICH SONGS ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Japanese record stores sometimes buy albums from American distributors. This is cheaper for them, so they make more money out of it if they sell the albums for the regular price. This isn't really helping Japanese economy. Therefore, an extra song is added to the Japanese release of certain albums. When customers have the choice between a regular (US) release or a Japanese release with one song extra (for the same price), the choice is easy. By buying this Japanese version, the economy in Japan will improve. It seems it's necessary in order to avoid a collapse of the Japanese economy. The extra song on the Japanese version of "Hysteria" is a live version of "Love And Affection". On "Adrenalize", "Miss You In A Heartbeat" and "She's Too Tough" are two extra songs. On "Vault", the Japanese are treated with "(Can't Keep Away From) The Flame". "Slang" had "Move With Me Slowly" as an extra song. "Euphoria" had "I Am Your Child". "X" had "Kiss The Day". "Yeah!" had "American Girl" and "Search And Destroy" "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge" had "Love (Acoustic Version)" and "Nine Lives (Def Leppard version)" "Mirrorball" had "Kings Of The World (Different Version)" II.9. AND WHAT'S WITH ALL THE VERSIONS OF "YEAH!"? -------------------------------------------------- For promotional purposes, there were various versions available for "Yeah!", depending on the store chain where you would buy the album. For all versions the first 14 tracks were the same. If you would buy the album at Target, you'd also get "Action (Live 2005)" and "When I'm Dead And Gone". At Best Buy, two extra tracks included were "No Matter What (Live 2005)" and "Winter Song". Wal Mart's version contained the same 14 songs, but it also offered a $6 bonus CD, containing interviews and 5 tracks: - American Girl - Search And Destroy - Space Oddity - Dear Friends - Heartbeat Furthermore, buying the album on iTunes would get you another bonus track, "How Does It Feel". It is worth noting that none of the studio bonus tracks feature all 5 band members. Most tracks are full-on solo efforts, and only "American Girl" features two Leppard members (Joe and Viv). II.10. WHY DON'T WE GET ANY SINGLES IN THE US? --------------------------------------------- No one gets singles anymore in 2013. When this question was originally written in the mid 90s, the US was just one of the first countries to phase out the sale of physical singles. II.11. WHICH ALBUMS ARE ACCOMPANIED BY AN EXTRA CD? -------------------------------------------------- Mostly in Asia and Europe, some Def Leppard CD's are released with an extra limited edition CD. "Retro Active" had, in some countries, a 4-track live CD called "In The Clubs... In Your Face", recorded in Bonn, Germany. The limited edition of "Vault" had a 9-track live CD, recorded in Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield. And finally, some versions of "Slang" are accompanied by a 6-track CD with an acoustic performance in Singapore. II.12. WHY DON'T THEY INCLUDE LYRIC SHEETS WITH MOST OF THEIR ALBUMS? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe just because the lyrics weren't that serious, and without a real message ("get down on the backseat" is not much of a message). However, the "Pyromania"-CD has the lyrics (although there are lots of errors in them), and because there's more serious stuff on "Slang", you will find all the lyrics in the "Slang"-booklet too. II.13. WHERE CAN I GET THE REST OF THE LYRICS? ---------------------------------------------- The band's official web site has them all (almost): http://www.defleppard.com ============================================================================== P A R T I I I : T H E S O N G S ===================================== III.1. WHAT DOES "SWITCH 625" MEAN? ----------------------------------- Although some sources say it refers to the date (June 25th? June 2nd 1975?) when Steve Clark lost his virginity, it seems it doesn't really mean anything. While designing the sleeve for "High 'N' Dry", the songs weren't finished yet. So, instead of putting existing song titles on it, fake ones were written down, including their time. One of those songs was called "Switch", lasting 6 minutes and 25 seconds. The band liked the way it looked on the sleeve: "Switch (6:25)". Since they didn't have a title for an instrumental song that Steve wrote, they used this title for it, including the numbers. III.2. WHAT IS "SWING 625"? --------------------------- The band recorded an alternative version of "Switch 625", which was based on a totally different rhythm, including other sounds and stuff. It's in fact just another way of playing it (in 3/4th), and because it 'swings', they named this version to "Swing 625". The song has never been released. III.3. WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF "RELEASE ME" BY STUMPUS MAXIMUS AND THE GOOD OL' BOYS? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Stumpus Maximus is, in fact, the band's tour manager Malvin Mortimer. The Good Ol' Boys are Def Leppard. It's not a regular version of the old Engelbert Humperdinck song. With every verse, Stumpus is singing higher, until the end when he does nothing but screaming. It was meant as a joke, and was released as the B-side of the "Rocket"-single and other singles. III.4. WHAT DOES "GUNTER GLIEBEN GLAUTEN GLOBEN" (OR WHATEVER) FROM THE INTRO TO "ROCK OF AGES" MEAN? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing! It sounds German or something, but it doesn't mean a thing. During the recordings of the song, producer Mutt Lange was so tired of saying the same old "one, two, three, four" over and over again, that he just started to say gibberish. The band once jokingly said that it meant something like "running through the forest silently", but don't take that too seriously. III.5. DID I HEAR THE "GUNTER GLIEBEN GLAUTEN GLOBEN"-PART ON THE RADIO IN ANOTHER SONG? ------------------------------------------------------------------ The Offspring used the part as an intro to their hit "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" from their 1998 album "Americana". III.6. DO I REALLY HEAR "JESUS OF NAZARETH, GO TO HELL" AT THE END OF "LOVE BITES"? --------------------------------------------------------------------- No! You don't. Really. You really really really really don't. Honestly. Discussed to death, it just ISN'T what's being said. No, really. The thing you hear right after "If you got love in your sights, love bites", is Mutt Lange saying "Yes it does, it does..... Bloody hell". One more time: YOU DO NOT HEAR ANY REFERENCE TO JESUS! Or whoever. III.7. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY SAY AT THE BEGINNING OF "ROCKET"? -------------------------------------------------------------- Play it backwards and you'll hear "We're fighting with the gods of war". III.8. IS THERE SOMETHING RECORDED BACKWARDS DURING THE BRIDGE IN "WHITE LIGHTNING"? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is indeed. Play it backwards and you will hear "She's got the rhythm of love", a line from "Heaven Is". III.9. WHAT IS THAT SPANISH STUFF IN THE MIDDLE OF "SLANG"? ----------------------------------------------------------- In the bridge of "Slang" (the song), during the 'It's my intention to be your obsession'-part, you will hear a woman saying 'Mi pasion, mi obsesion, queria que eastuvieras conmigo', which means 'My passion, my obsession, how I wish you were here with me'. The guy just says 'Uno, dos, tres, cuatro', which of course means 'One, two, three, four'. III.10. DID THE BAND RELEASE DEMO RECORDINGS OR ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS OF THEIR SONGS? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously available on B-sides (with a little luck you'll be able to find some of those singles for a good price on eBay), Def Leppard released demo versions of "Tonight", "Miss You In A Heartbeat", "She's Too Tough", "Two Steps Behind", "When Love & Hate Collide", "Truth?", "Work It Out", "Love Don't Lie", "Let Me Be The One" and "Gravity". There is no demo version of "Tear It Down". There is a version that was released as B-side to "Animal" (or, in some countries, "Women"), but this is a normal studio recording. The version on "Adrenalize" is just a remake. The same goes for "I Wanna Be Your Hero", "Ring Of Fire" and "Ride Into The Sun"; the versions released before "Retro Active" are not demos, but originals. On "Retro Active", these songs are remixes and have a bit more overdubs and sound effects. Some songs that have alternative versions are "Tonight", "When Love & Hate Collide", "Now", Long Long Way To Go", "Let Me Be The One", "Nine Lives", "Love" and "Kings Of The World". Most of these alternative versions are just acoustic/stripped down versions. Then, there are remixes or extended versions of some songs. These are "Animal (extended version)", "Pour Some Sugar On Me (extended version)", "Rocket (the Lunar Mix)" (though there are different versions which are all called 'the Lunar Mix'), "Armageddon It (the Nuclear Mix)" and "Excitable (Orgasmic Mix)". Finally, lots of live songs have been released as B-sides, too many to mention. III.11. WHICH SONGS APPEARED ON MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS? -------------------------------------------------- Joe recorded two songs, "When Saturday Comes" and "Jimmy's Theme" for the movie "When Saturday Comes". Not a Def Leppard song, but still 3/5 of the band is on it (Phil and Sav co-wrote and played on it too). "Two Steps Behind" is on the soundtrack to the Arnold Schwarzenegger-movie "Last Action Hero". Not on the soundtrack album, but "Let's Get Rocked" can be heard in the movie "Encino Man" with Paulie Shore. On the soundtrack of the 2012 musical movie "Rock Of Ages", Tom Cruise sings a version of "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Def Leppard's original versions of "Rock Of Ages" and "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" are featured in the movie but do not appear on the soundtrack album. III.12. WHICH SONGS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON B-SIDES OF SINGLES? ------------------------------------------------------------- This is a list of songs that are released as B-sides. Songs that are also on normal album releases are not included. It would take up too much space to list the A-sides of the singles these songs appear on, since some songs are on more than one single, or on maxi-singles. Original versions of songs are also included. - Good Morning Freedom - Tear It Down (original version) - I Wanna Be Your Hero (original version) - Ring Of Fire (original version) - Ride Into The Sun (1987 remake) - Love And Affection (live) - Billy's Got A Gun (live) - Rock Of Ages (inc. rock and roll medley) (live) - Release Me (Stumpus Maximus and the Good Ol' Boys) - Women (live) - Rocket (the Lunar Mix) - Animal (extended version) - Pour Some Sugar On Me (extended version) - Armageddon It (Nuclear Mix) - Excitable (Orgasmic Mix) - Only After Dark (original version) - Too Late For Love (live) - Two Steps Behind (original version) - From The Inside (original version) (The Acoustic Hippies From Hell) - Little Wing (The Acoustic Hippies From Hell) - You Can't Always Get What You Want (The Acoustic Hippies From Hell) - Elected (live) - Let's Get Rocked (live) - Tonight (version II) - Now I'm Here (live) - Photograph (live) - Tonight (demo) - Pour Some Sugar On Me (live) - Tonight (warts acoustic) - S.M.C. - Two Steps Behind (Joe's demo) - She's Too Tough (Joe's demo) - Miss You In A Heartbeat (Phil's demo) - Love Bites (live) - When Love & Hate Collide (original demo) - (Can't Keep Away From) The Flame - Animal (live acoustic) - Ziggy Stardust (live acoustic) - Two Steps Behind (live acoustic) - Pour Some Sugar On Me (live acoustic) - When Love & Hate Collide (strings & piano only version) - Work It Out (demo) - Truth? (original version) - When Saturday Comes (Joe Elliott) - Jimmy's Theme (Joe Elliott) - Move With Me Slowly - Slang (live) - Another Hit And Run (live) - Work It Out (live) - Deliver Me (live) - All I Want Is Everything (live) - Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) (live) - Led Boots (Vivian Campbell) - Cause We Ended As Lovers (Phil Collen) - Worlds Collide - Under My Wheels - Burnout - Immortal - Who Do You Love - Love Don't Lie (demo) - Rebel Rebel - Let Me Be The One (demo) - Stay With Me (Phil Collen) - Let Me Be The One (acoustic) - 10 X Bigger Than Love - Gimme A Job - Now (acoustic) *** 2013 UPDATE: It's been a while since I checked this. The list may not be complete or accurate. III.13. WHY WAS "ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING" THE ONLY SINGLE OFF "SLANG" IN THE US? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe because PolyGram wanted to spend their money on something else (see section II.7). *** 2013 UPDATE: the start of the big changes in the record industry probably had a lot to do with it. See section II.10. III.14. WHERE CAN I GET A COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY? ----------------------------------------------- You can't. There is no COMPLETE discography available, but these resources should help you on your way: http://www.defleppardworld.com/ http://www.defleppardvault.com/ http://www.defleppard.com/music ============================================================================== P A R T I V : I N T E R N E T / F A N C L U B S ======================================================= IV.1. ARE THE MEMBERS ONLINE? ----------------------------- Of course they are. Here are some sites and ways to reach them: http://www.philcollen.com http://www.facebook.com/PhilCollen http://www.facebook.com/OfficialVivianCampbell http://www.stikrick.com http://www.facebook.com/rick.allen.963434 IV.2. IS THERE AN OFFICIAL WWW-SITE? ------------------------------------ The official Def Leppard site can be found at http://www.defleppard.com IV.3. WHERE ARE THE UNOFFICIAL SITES? ------------------------------------- *** 2013 UPDATE: when this FAQ was written, there were dozens and dozens of fan sites. Perhaps they are still online, and if they are, I'm not sure if they are still updated at all. For historic purposes, here is the list as it was in the latest version of this FAQ. Feel free to check out any links to see if the sites still exist or not. My guess is that most of them are gone by now. DEF LEPPARD NOW http://www.senff.com/leppard/ THE DEF LEPPARD ATOMIC MESS http://defleppard.snaggledworks.com/index.html THE DEF LEPPARD SATELLITE OF LOVE http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/mreinemann/xlepx.htm LOBSTER'S DEF LEPPARD WEB SITE http://www.netbistro.com/~lobster/index.htm DEF LEPPARD AFTER DARK http://www.visionwebs.com/dl_after_dark/ SIDDHISH'S DEF LEPPARD ACTION WEBSITE http://www.qlcomm.com/deflep/ THE #HYSTERIA PAGE http://www.a-o.com/j&kreddin/index.htm LET'S GET ROCKED - THE DEF LEPPARD LINKS PAGE http://home.earthlink.net/~stones96/def.html DEF LEPPARD WORLD http://home.sol.no/~stignor/def.htm SMC'S HEAVEN http://members.aol.com/lepplover/index.htm DEFLEPPY'S ROCK OF AGES PAGE http://members.aol.com/DEFLEPPY/lepsite/index.html VIVIAN CAMPBELL - THE SHRINE http://come.to/VivianCampbell DEFLEPPARD.NET http://www.defleppard.net DEF LEPPARD RING OF FANS http://www.visionwebs.com/dlringoffans/index.htm DEF LEPPARD LYRICZ http://home2.sbbs2.com/jembergman/def.htm A REVIEW OF EUPHORIA http://www.serge.org/DefLepp.html CHELLE'S 21ST CENTURY LEPPARD MANIA http://members.aol.com/Galion900/21stcentury.html DEF LEPPARD TOP SITES THAT ROCK http://www.topsitelists.com/run/shattenjager/topsites.html RAZOR'S DEF LEPPARD ROCK PAGE http://web.a-znet.com/razor DED FLAT BIRD (JAPANESE) http://home7.highway.ne.jp/leps/leps/ DEF LEPPARD UK http://www.deflepuk.freeserve.co.uk/ BECKY'S DEF LEPPARD SPOT http://www.beckyslepspot.com CHANGE YOUR SPOTS http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/3001/deflep.html ACTION NOT WORDS! http://members.aol.com/leppet SHELLY'S DEF LEPPARD PAGE http://home.fuse.net/satroxel STAND UP AGAINST INFO ACTIVE http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Boulevard/8122 THE RICK SAVAGE WEB SITE http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/7622/ LEP MAP - THE DEF LEPPARD FANS INTERNET DIRECTORY http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Breakers/9945 PHIL COLLEN - THE GIRL WHO BECAME A LEPPARD http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Backstage/6106 LUCIFERA'S LEPPARD LAIR http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stage/4290/ JUNTOS X LEPPARD http://members.tripod.com/~juntosxleppard GNASCAS RETROMANIA HOME PAGE http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Amphitheatre/5434/ LEPPARD UNITED INTERNATIONAL http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/8991/ THE DEFNET MAILING LIST http://come.to/defnet DEF LEPPARD IN 1999 http://members.xoom.com/Leppard1999/ JENNY'S JUNGLE OF LEPPARDS http://www.expage.com/page/jennyleppage DEF LEPPARD PICTORIAL DISCOGRAPHY http://members.xoom.com/redwing61/ THE EUPHORICAL DEF LEPPARD SITE http://members.tripod.com/defphoria DEF LEPPARD: GODS OF ROCK http://www.riffola.com CYBERMANIA: DEF LEPPARD ON-LINE http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Arena/6148/ STEVE CLARK TRIBUTE http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/2092/steve.html THE THRONE ROOM: A RICK ALLEN SITE http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Quarter/3248 EUPHORIA'S FROM THE INSIDE http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Island/4546/index2.html DEF LEPPARD IN VERMONT http://come.to/DefLepinVT THE DEF LEPPARD T-SHIRT WEB SITE http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/basement/3531/ THE DEF LEPPARD GET ROCKED SITE http://zap.to/getrocked DEF LEPPARD HALL OF FAME http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/2759/home.html STEVE CLARK TRIBUTE SITE http://www.geocities.co.jp/Broadway-Guitar/5786 DEF LEPPARD - THE ART OF HYSTERIA http://www.defleppard-hysteria.com INTERPRETATION OF SLANG http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/2552/Slang.html DEF LEPPARD ROCKS IN '99 http://hometown.aol.com/LepLover99/deflep.html JOHAN'S DEF LEPPARD WEBSITE http://home1.swipnet.se/~w-18157/leppard/ SIANNON'S LEPPARD PAGE http://geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Bistro/8820 INSIDE THE DEF LEPPARD VAULT http://welcome.to/defleppardvault DEF LEPPARD JAGF HOME PAGE http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/3532 ANIMAL'S SUMMER SHED http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stadium/4293/index.html BATMAN & CATWOMAN'S BATCAVE FOR DEF LEPPARD http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lobby/2256/ THE LEPPARDIZED WEBSITE http://leppardized.virtualave.net DEF LEPPARD DISINTEGRATE http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/kowalski/932/index.html DEF LEPPARD FROM THE INSIDE http://members.xoom.com/jdaughtr/fromtheinside.html DEF LEPPARD 2000 http://deflep.freeservers.com THE EUPHORICAL DEF LEPPARD WEB SITE http://members.tripod.com/defeuphoria THE #HYSTERIA PAGE http://welcome.to/Hysteria CVC COLLECTIBLES http://www.cvccollect.com/defleppard.html KATHY'S DEF DOMAIN http://kathy.entekweb.com/ LEP-PYCS http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/loft/7973/ DEF LEPPARD DOMAIN http://www.papersun.8m.com PHIL COLLEN WITH JACKSON GUITARS http://members.aol.com/philcarch/PhilCollen.html IV.4. IS THERE A MAILING LIST? ------------------------------ Probably not. At least not in the same format as the good old days when DefNet and LepNet had hundreds of subscribers. Nowadays, things happen on Facebook and the odd message board. The two message boards where activity is brewing (to my knowledge), are: http://rockbrigade.proboards.com http://www.mydefleppard.com/forum/ IV.5. IS THERE A NEWSLETTER? ---------------------------- Not an official one, unless you count the one sent out by LiveNation, informing you about items in the online merchandise store at http://defleppard.fanfire.com IV.6. WHERE'S THE USENET NEWSGROUP? ----------------------------------- You can find it at alt.music.def-leppard. IV.7. WHAT DO ALL THESE ACRONYMS MEAN ON THE INTERNET? ------------------------------------------------------ Acronyms are, of course, used to make the text (look) shorter. Here's a list of the most used and most common acronyms. * COMMON INTERNET ACRONYMS: BTW: By The Way FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions FWIW: For What It's Worth FYI: For Your Information IYKWIM: If You Know What I Mean IMO: In My Opinion IMHO: In My Humble Opinion IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion LOL: Laugh Out Loud ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off * DEF LEPPARD ACRONYMS: DL: Def Leppard NWOBHM: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal OTTN: On Through The Night HND: High 'N' Dry PSSOM: Pour Some Sugar On Me ITRIYF: In The Round In Your Face HYENSSB: Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad MYIAH: Miss You In A Heartbeat CKAFTF: Can't Keep Away From The Flame AIWIE: All I Want Is Everything BAS: Breathe A Sigh GOF: Gift Of Flesh BRC: Blood Runs Cold WDLGWID: Where Does Love Go When It Dies POE: Pearl Of Euphoria 21CSLLLG: 21st Century Sha La La La Girl X: X SFTSL: Songs From The Sparkle Lounge IV.8. WHERE CAN I GET THE LATEST VERSION OF THE FAQ? ---------------------------------------------------- Right now, you're reading the very final version of the FAQ. It will not ever be updated again. As of August 2013, it is located at http://www.senff.com/leppard IV.9. WHAT IS THE "HYSTERICAL"-DOCUMENT AND WHERE CAN I GET THE LATEST VERSION? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hysterical" is a document that tells you about the funny side of the band. It has quotes made by the band, quotes made by others, silly rumours, funny stories, etc. The last version that was released is 4.0, and since then the updates have stopped. It is not available on its original location anymore (at the Def Leppard NOW web site) but if you look on other Def Leppard sites, you might find it on there. *** 2013 UPDATE: here's an old version: http://defleppard.snaggledworks.com/hysterical.txt (warning: terrible writing!) IV.10. WHAT IS THE "AGES OF ROCK"-CALENDAR AND WHERE CAN I GET THE LATEST VERSION? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This program contains all the all the important dates in Def Leppard history. It has the possibility to let you know when it's exactly X years ago when something happened in Lep history, every time you boot up your machine. For example, if you start your machine on August 16th, you will get a message saying something like "3 August 1987: Def Leppard releases the Hysteria album". You can upgrade the program yourself by editing the text file or using a new one. Originally created by AJ Edwards, you can find it at Curt van der Walt's DefSoft page at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/2759/defsoft.html IV.11. WHAT IS THE "MISHEARD LYRICS"-DOCUMENT AND WHERE CAN I GET THE LATEST VERSION? --------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Misheard Lyrics"-document gives examples of how Def Leppard's lyrics can be heard wrong. For example, someone heard Joe singing 'I pissed in a velvet glove', while he really sang 'Iron fist in a velvet glove'. Lots of examples can be read in the document, which is full of humour. It is not available on its original location anymore (at the Def Leppard NOW web site) but you can contact the author of the document by sending an email message to Julie Hodges at flashcat@home.csinet.net . IV.12. IS THERE AN IRC-CHANNEL FOR DEF LEPPARD FANS? ---------------------------------------------------- Def Leppard fans seem to hang out on two channels on the Undernet. One is #DefLeppard, the other one is #Hysteria. If the first one is empty, try the other one. IV.13. WHICH BOOKS ABOUT THE BAND HAVE BEEN RELEASED? ----------------------------------------------------- Here's a list of all known books about Def Leppard to date: ANIMAL INSTINCT (David Fricke) ISBN: 0-94639-155-6 Zomba Books / Bludgeon Riffola, 1987 DEF LEPPARD - AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY (Chris Welch) ISBN: 0-89524-266-4 Cherry Lane Books, 1984 BIOGRAPHIZE (Dave Dickson) ISBN: 0-283-06222-4 Sidgwick and Jackson, 1995 DEF LEPPARD - NO SAFETY NET (Chris Collingwood) ISBN: 1-898141-55-X Castle Communications, 1994 DEF LEPPARD (Jason Rich) ISBN: 1-85868-051-4 Carlton Music Book Services, 1994 DEF LEPPARD - BACKSTAGE (Abby Sheffield) ISBN: 1-55698-240-2 Published by: Pioneer Books DEF LEPPARD (MONSTERS OF METAL) Chris Crocker) ISBN: 0-345-33236-9 Ballantine Books DEF LEPPARD (Dave Dickson) ISBN: 0-86276-264-2 Proteus Pub. Co., 1985 DEF LEPPARD (Willy McGilly) ISBN: 0-86278-256-1 Proteus Pub. Co., 1985 DEF LEPPARD (Philip Tene) ISBN: 0-88188-296-8 Pub Group West, 1984 NONE MORE BLACK (Ross Halfin) ISBN: 4-91613-503-2 2010 LEPPARD TRACKS: MISTY DREAMERS 1977-2008 (Julian Gill) ISBN: 0-9722253-9-0 Booksurge, 2008 SHOTS FROM THE SPARKLE TOUR, VOL. 1 (Ash Newell) Self-published, 2009 SHOTS FROM THE SPARKLE TOUR, VOL. 2 (Ash Newell) Self-published, 2009 THE DEFINITIVE VISUAL HISTORY (Ross Halfin) ISBN: 0-8118-7930-5 Chronicle Books, 2011 IV.14. WHICH BOOTLEGS ARE INTERESTING? -------------------------------------- According to a lot of Def Leppard bootleg collectors, the best and most interesting Def Lep bootleg around is "Circus Comes To Town", a recording of the band's famous Don Valley show in Sheffield (June 1993). "Circus" is a double CD and the quality is excellent. Other interesting boots are "Two Arms To Arms" and "One Step Beyond". *** 2013 UPDATE: since the FAQ's last update, Def Leppard have played hundreds more shows and most of them have been recorded. There is no such thing as an outstanding bootleg anymore, as there are so many excellent recordings out there nowadays. IV.15. IS THERE A DEF LEPPARD CD-ROM? ------------------------------------- In Japan, the "Slang"-CD single contained computer data. It wasn't very spectacular, just a couple of pictures and sound effects, a short discography and a biography. Even more, not many people have succeeded playing it. It seems to require a particular version of Quicktime (2.0.3), but even with that version it's not guaranteed that it works. Most people who have seen it can't even get it to work at all anymore now. IV.16. IS THERE OTHER DEF LEPPARD SOFTWARE AVAILABLE? ----------------------------------------------------- Nothing official, but fans have made some nice programs. First of all, there are a couple of Def Leppard screen savers available at http://www.webnl.com/senff/slow/leppard_software.html and http://www.webnl.com/senff/slow/leppard_euphoria_screensaver.html The Def Leppard lyrics displayer, a program that will show the lyrics to Def Leppard songs in real-time (while you're playing the music), and the Ages of Rock calendar bootup (for Windows), a program that tell you what happened on the current date back in Lep history, both created by Curt van der Walt, can all be found at his Defsoft page at: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/2759/defsoft.html . Finally, there are a couple of Def Leppard Desktop Themes for Windows 95/98 available. Go to http://www.webnl.com/senff/slow/leppard_software.html for one or to http://snaggletooth.princeton.edu/leppard/files/dltheme.zip for another. *** 2013 UPDATE: all this software is outdated and not available anymore. There is no current Def Leppard software available. The most recent one was a "virtual lighter" iPhone app, released in 2006. IV.17. IS THERE AN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB? ------------------------------------- No, there is no official Def Leppard fan club anymore. The only two official fan clubs that ever existed, Rock Squad and Info Active, do not exist anymore. More information about those clubs can be found in section IV.19. Between 2005 and 2008, the official Web Site had an online Fan Club, which was also retired. IV.18. WHAT ABOUT UNOFFICIAL CLUBS? ----------------------------------- None. IV.19. WHY DIDN'T THE ROCK SQUAD / INFO ACTIVE SEND ME ANYTHING? ----------------------------------------------------------------- The following is a statement from Info Active, made in 1998. "Some fans who wrote to the Rock Squad state that they never even got an application form from the Squad. This could be correct. When the band decided to close the Rock Squad, they tried to sent every person on file free colour mags and another membership pack. Since it was closing down, sending out application forms was pointless. This would just have compounded any problems and hindered the closing of the club. All the letters were saved and Rock Squad were asked to pass them over to a new organisation, Info Active, when they closed in July 1996. These fans were then sent Info Active forms." If you still want to complain, write to Rock Squad, PO Box 1, Aylesford Kent, ME20 6XD, England. Yet reality is, the Squad is dead, and complaining is useless... However, it is a fact that Joe and Sav admitted on MTV that they did not give the Rock Squad the backing or help they asked for (an issue that would also plague the band's official web site for many years). The main reason why some things went wrong was that the club was understaffed. Also, the club tried to send out color pictures, a poster and a couple of color magazines to everybody who paid, after they decided to close down. Now, Info Active. They claimed they're NOT a "sequel" to Rock Squad and that they're a totally different thing. If you have asked for an Info Active application form, you should have received it, and from what I've heard, most people have. Then, to those who returned this form, and still didn't get anything, another statement from Info Active (written May 1997): "At this moment, Info Active is waiting for the new membership packs (so-called "summer packs") to be finished. If they are, you will probably receive it. Most important: THE BAND instructed Info Active not to cash ANY FANS' money until the club has the goods for the membership pack, so that's the reason for the delay." For a long time, people tried to stand up and take action against this travesty of a fan club. But all in all, everything related to this issue is all in the past, since Rock Squad and Info Active are both history, and there's nothing to do about it. IV.20. HOW CAN I CONTACT THE BAND? ---------------------------------- See section IV.1. ============================================================================== P A R T V : O T H E R T H I N G S ======================================== V.1. WHY DO SOME BRYAN ADAMS-ALBUMS SOUND LIKE DEF LEPPARD? ----------------------------------------------------------- The most likely reason for this is the producer, Robert John 'Mutt' Lange. Mutt produced "High 'N' Dry", "Pyromania" and "Hysteria", and was the executive producer of "Adrenalize". Mutt had a lot of influence on the sound of these albums. Since Bryan Adams' last two albums ("Waking Up The Neighbours" and "18 Till I Die") were both produced by Mutt, it's kind of logical that there's some kind of 'Mutt-sound' on those albums. V.2. WHO ARE BOOKER T. BOFFIN, THE LEPPARDETTES, THE BANKRUPT BROTHERS, THE SIDEWAYS MOB AND THE ACOUSTIC HIPPIES FROM HELL? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Booker T. Boffin, credited for keyboards on "Pyromania", is Thomas Dolby. The name is an alias since he wasn't allowed to use his own name due to contractual obligations and other legal reasons, because Dolby wasn't signed by Lep's record company, PolyGram. The Leppardettes, The Bankrupt Brothers and The Sideways Mob are the names Def Leppard used to indicate that they've all done the backing vocals themselves. The Acoustic Hippies From Hell are Def Leppard together with Irish band The Hothouse Flowers. TAHFH recorded three songs for the B-side to "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad": "From The Inside", "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and "Little Wing". V.3. WHO IS THIS MALVIN MORTIMER PERSON ACTUALLY? ------------------------------------------------- Incredibly popular among Def Leppard fans, Malvin (also known as 'Stumpus Maximus') is Def Leppard's tour manager. Taking care of schedules, food, logistics, etc. etc., Malvin is very close to the guys. He started out as Steve Clark's guitar technician and became the full-time tour manager in 1992. From that point, his presence turned out to be very important to the band and to fans. He often used to perform as the connection between the fans and the band, especially on the Internet. He used to have his own space on the official Def Leppard Web Site, and he would send out tweets addressing the fans. Unfortunately, mostly due to the negative reactions of a small group of fans, who were not interested in any information from the Lep camp unless it would come straight from any of the 5 band members, Malvin decided to share his stories, views, anecdotes and inside information. Watch for a short, bald guy with a moustache whenever you're going to a Def Leppard gig. V.4. WHICH VIDEOS HAVE THE BAND OFFICIALLY RELEASED? ---------------------------------------------------- 1988: Historia (all promo-videos so far) 1989: Live: In The Round In Your Face (live gigs in the US) 1992: Visualize (promos, interviews, live footage) 1995: Video Archive (promos, interviews, live footage) 2004: Best Of - The Videos (promo videos) (UK only) 2005: Rock Of Ages - The Definitive Collection (promos) 2013: Viva! Hysteria (live show in Las Vegas) V.5. WHERE CAN I FIND BOOTLEGS OR OLD SINGLES? ---------------------------------------------- http://www.ebay.com is the most likely place nowadays, but additionally you can check http://www.eil.com and http://www.vinyltap.co.uk V.6. I LIVE IN (.....). WHEN WILL THEY PLAY IN MY COUNTRY / STATE / CITY AGAIN? ------------------------------------------------------------------- The band will not do any touring until 2014. Check their official web site for confirmed dates. V.7. DID DEF LEPPARD EVER DO AN MTV-UNPLUGGED SESSION? ------------------------------------------------------ No. They never did a gig which was part of the (official) MTV-Unplugged series, like Pearl Jam, KISS, Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana did. They did play unplugged for MTV a couple of times, but this was just a 'regular' promo-gig. Official MTV-Unplugged gigs always have the same stage setup and showcase. Def Leppard never did such an exact thing, they only played during 'regular' MTV-shows on MTV Latino and MTV Europe. The gigs were played in 1995, during the promotional tour for "Vault". During the promotional tour for the 2002 "X" album, Joe, Phil (and sometimes with Vivian) did regular acoustic performances. V.8. DID JOE HAVE A PART IN THE MOVIE 'WHEN SATURDAY COMES'? ------------------------------------------------------------ No. The original plan was that Joe would play a small part in it, but it never happened. He didn't get any part in the movie, not even for a second. He did make two songs for the soundtrack instead, "When Saturday Comes" and "Jimmy's Theme". The only acting stint he did, was for a short-lived horror/thriller/sci-fi show called "Frightmares" in the early 2000s. In one of the episodes, Joe played a dead rock star whose guitar has magical powers. The show was only broadcast once, on some obscure cable channel sometime in the mid 2000s. V.9. DOES THE BAND USE PRE-RECORDED TAPES ON STAGE? --------------------------------------------------- No. A lot of people thought the band uses pre-recorded vocals during gigs, cause it sounded so good. Well, I guess the guys are just good singers. When you listen closely during a live gig, you will hear a clear difference between the live-singing and the original studio recording. Just take it from me, and all the other Def Leppard fans, that the music is 100% live and the vocals are too. No tapes. V.10. WHAT DOES BLUDGEON RIFFOLA MEAN? -------------------------------------- First, it's the name of the band's own publishing company. So, where did they get that name from? Literally, 'bludgeon' means something like 'to hit someone about the head with a club'. 'Riffola' is another (strange) word for 'riff' (like a guitar riff in a song). The term was used first in a review of one of Def Leppard's first gigs. The reviewer wrote: "Def Leppard were heavy metal as heavy metal always was and will always be. Crosses, macho poses, bludgeon riffola that even the Sabs (Black Sabbath) abandoned years ago, and -ironically, methought- the only band to screw the audience for an encore." The reviewer actually meant that Def Leppard was playing music that had no logical meaning, and that the band was playing with a total lack of musicianship. Among the other bands that played that night, was "The Human League", a computer-dance band, so Def Leppard didn't really fit in. Anyway, Def Leppard started to use the 'bludgeon riffola' term for their publishing company. V.11. WHO IS THE GUY COVERED WITH SHAVING FOAM ON THE INNER SLEEVE OF THE "HIGH 'N' DRY"-LP? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is said to be Rick Allen. V.12. WHAT'S THIS "IF YOU'RE GONNA BE A BEAR, BE A GRIZZLY"-THING ON THE "PYROMANIA"-VINYL? -------------------------------------------------------------------- On some copies of the "Pyromania"-album, the following sentences are scratched around the label: On side A: "If your'e gonna be a bear" [sic] On side B: "Be a grizzly" The band had this put on the vinyls as a joke. According to Joe, it's another way of saying "If you're gonna do something, do it right". Copies who carry this sentence on the album, are not rare -- most vinyl copies printed in the US have it. V.13. I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS, BUT THEY'RE NOT ANSWERED IN THIS DOCUMENT! NOW WHAT? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Best visit one of the message boards in section IV.4. ============================================================================== APPENDIX: DEF LEPPARD NOW ------------------------- Def Leppard NOW offers all sorts of information about our favorite band, Def Leppard. Currently, Def Leppard NOW offers the following: * DEF LEPPARD NOW SITE: A WWW-page dedicated to the band, with lots of interesting information... and more. * FAQ: Fascinating facts, answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Def Leppard. * FORTUNE TELLER: Fortune Teller is the the original online newsletter for the Def Leppard NOW. It will give you information about Def Leppard and Def Leppard NOW activities. Detailed info about these are all available on DEF LEPPARD NOW at: http://www.senff.com/leppard/ Also available on the Web Site are: * Def Leppard past, present and future * Picture Archive * Links to other sites * Track listings for all the albums / lyrics * Stumpus' Column * And much more.... *** 2013 UPDATE: obviously, the Def Leppard NOW site is now defunct. It closed in 2000 when I was asked to take care of the band's official site, which I did for a good 12 years. The Def Leppard NOW site was briefly revived in 2008 (although really only by name and under different management) but never got really off the ground for whatever reason. ========================================================================== DISCLAIMERS ----------- Def Leppard NOW is a completely nonprofit, fan based operation. Def Leppard NOW and Mark Senff are in no way associated or sanctioned by Def Leppard, their management, or their affiliates. All information provided by Def Leppard NOW has been obtained by means other than the official Def Leppard sites at www.defleppard.com, www.defleppardirect.com and www.deflep.com. While every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of said information, Def Leppard NOW is not responsible for its accuracy or veracity. The material on this site (names, images and sounds) are reproduced for review and information purposes only, not for any commercial gain. All material is not intended as a copyright infringement on Def Leppard's copyrighted material. However, the material may violate copyright laws. If you have a problem with any text in this document, please contact me by sending email to webmaster@senff.com in order to solve the problem. (c) 1999 Def Leppard NOW / SENFF.com. For the latest updates, please check http://www.senff.com/leppard *** 2013 UPDATE: ....and a lot of things changed since then, so this whole disclaimer thing is 99% obsolete by now. Updated and accurate copyright disclaimer follows: (c) 2013 Site Formerly Known As Def Leppard NOW. You may publish this document anywhere on the Internet, providing it remains intact and un-edited.