Front End Web Developer in Montreal

Hello. My name is Mark Senff. I am a Dutch Front End Developer based in Montreal, Canada. This is where I write little articles about all kinds of things (but mostly technical, front end-related topics and some tips & tricks).

Well, that didn’t go as planned…

So, some 2 weeks ago I announced I would post a blog every single day, for a whole year, along with two “accountabilibuddies”. It didn’t work out. Aside from the fact that it’s difficult as hell to keep this up … Read post

No one gives a shit about your web site

Spectacular headline alert! But there’s a point to it. As web developers (especially front-end devs), we think people really care about our work. By that I mean that the site visitors really pay attention to detail, they hate it when … Read post

IE, flexbox and pseudo elements

Very small thing I’ve learned today*: in IE10 and IE11, flexbox is not handled as you might expect; the flex property will not be applied to pseudo elements (:before, :after) by default. In fact, in IE10, it won’t be applied … Read post

Selecting speakers at tech conferences

I didn’t follow any full discussion about this, but today I came across two tweets from Lea Verou and Tab Atkins that addressed anonymized selection processes for tech conferences: Today I found out that two fantastic speakers I knew were … Read post

Recruiters on LinkedIn

One of the major annoyances on LinkedIn (and there are many!) are recruiters, AKA headhunters. They get paid to match employers and employees, and it’s their job to find people who are willing to work for specific companies. “I saw … Read post

I am not involved in The WILD reunion

This upcoming Friday (August 14) a music festival called Zwaantje Pop will take place in the small Dutch city of Beilen, featuring 5 local bands. Among the bands scheduled to perform, is my old band The WILD. As some of … Read post

Why I changed web hosts

I just switched web hosts again. I can’t say that my hosting plans are that spectacular. With not all too many visitors to my site, I can easily deal with budget plans. No need for high-traffic plans. So I used … Read post

The problem with GPL

The GPL software license is one of the most popular license types in the world today. Officially, the GPL aims to protect four freedoms: The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose. The freedom to study … Read post

iOS does not autoplay Youtube videos

Very small thing I’ve learned today*: on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), embedded videos (YouTube, Vimeo) will not play automatically, ever. Even when you have autoplay=1 set or something like that. By design, in order to play a video, it always … Read post

WordPress themes, plugins and !important

A small request to any WordPress theme and plugin developers out there. Please, please, PLEASE do not use “!important” in your theme’s CSS files. Ever. Don’t do it. I get that for plugins, there is sometimes the need to override … Read post


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