Front End Web Developer in Montreal

Hello. My name is Mark Senff. I am a Dutch Front End Developer based in Montreal, Canada. This is where I write little articles about all kinds of things (but mostly technical, front end-related topics and some tips & tricks).

5 things to do before your WordPress site goes live

Once you’re (almost) done developing your WordPress site, you’re looking forward to actually pushing it live. And then the final touches come in. This checklist is not about the things you do right before (or during) development; it’s mainly about … Read post

How to properly change WordPress URLs

Sometimes, after you moved your WordPress site to a new host/server or just moved it to its own directory, things may not work properly right away. At times, the wrong URLs are set, and you’re locked out of the site. … Read post

nth-of-type don’t work properly!

Probably common knowledge. But confusing to me, and I was a little surprised. You’re probably familiar with the nth-of-type pseudo-class. With this, you can target elements based on their order/place in the document structure. Details can be found on CSS … Read post

Envira Gallery – a plugin review

Every now and then, I write review articles for WordPress news site WP Mayor. The latest one was just published today and is about a (relatively) new image gallery plugin called Envira Gallery. Most of us WordPress developers (including myself) … Read post

The Day We Fight Back

Holy crap that’s a large banner you have on your site, Senff! It sure is. But it’s necessary to show my support for the Day We Fight Back campaign against NSA mass surveillance. To join the cause (yes, it’s ok … Read post

The difference between responsive and adaptive

As short as I can figure it out. Responsive: the site will serve the same content to every device, but depending on the device/browser/screen used to view the site, it is styled differently. Adaptive: depending on the device/browser/screen, different content … Read post

You already have a retina screen emulator

So you’ve reached the point in the development phase of your project where you have to test how your site looks on all the devices that you support. iPhones, iPads, Androids, Kindles, and all the other devices you cannot possibly … Read post

Music to code to (or zzz…)

Very likely the ambienest music to code to. Or fall asleep to. Funnily enough, I’ve never fallen asleep while coding to this album. Technically, this is an excercise based on day 6′s task of WordPress’ Zero to Hero campaign. But … Read post

Zero to Hero: Introduction

WordPress’ Zero To Hero campaign, lanched to help people improve their blogs, started a few days ago. In short, it will provide bloggers (such as myself) with a 30-day plan that should lead to a better, more exciting blog by … Read post

New year, new approach

5 blog posts. That’s all I did in 2013. Kinda pathetic, isn’t it? In my defense, life has been busy in this past year. Had a second kid, switched jobs twice, that sort of thing. Then again, I did find … Read post